Gloria Goldreich

Beachwood Branch
Friday, June 1 / 2:00 PM

Meet Gloria Goldreich, author of The Bridal Chair. In her latest novel, beautiful Ida Chagall, the only child of the painter Marc Chagall, is blossoming in the Paris art world beyond her parents' controlling gaze. Her newfound independence is short-lived, however, because in Nazi-occupied Paris, Chagall’s status as a Jewish artist has made them all targets. Francine Klagsburn, columnist for Jewish Week, writes, “The Bridal Chair is Goldreich at her best, with a mesmerizing plot, elegant images, and a remarkable heroine who will remain with you long after the last page.”

Goldreich is also the author of Leah's Journey, which won the National Jewish Book Award for fiction in 1979, and Four Days, which won the Federation Arts and Letters Award. Her other novels include Dinner with Anna Karenina, Promised Land, This Burning Harvest, Leah's Children, West to Eden, Mothers, Years of Dreams and That Year of Our War. Her books have been selections of the Book of the Month Club, the Literary Guild and the Troll Book Club.

Books will be available for purchase and signing courtesy of Mac's Backs - Books on Coventry.